1》 treating people equally.
    ↘just or appropriate in the circumstances.
2》 (of hair or complexion) light; blonde.
3》 considerable in size or amount.
    ↘moderately good.
    ↘Austral./NZ informal complete.
4》 (of weather) fine and dry.
5》 archaic beautiful.
1》 in a fair manner.
2》 dialect to a high degree.
noun archaic a beautiful woman.
verb dialect (of the weather) become fine.
fair and square
1》 with absolute accuracy.
2》 honestly and straightforwardly.
fair dinkum see dinkum.
fair dos Brit. informal a request for just treatment or an acceptance that it has been given.
fair game a person or thing that is considered a reasonable target for criticism or exploitation.
the fair sex (also the fairer sex) dated or humorous women.
fair's fair informal a request for just treatment or an assertion that an arrangement is just.
for fair US informal completely and finally.
in a fair way to likely to.
it's a fair cop Brit. informal an admission that the speaker has been caught doing wrong and deserves punishment.
fairish adjective
fairness noun
OE fæger 'pleasing, attractive', of Gmc origin.
1》 a gathering of stalls and amusements for public entertainment.
2》 a periodic gathering for the sale of goods.
    ↘an exhibition to promote particular products.
    ↘N. Amer. an annual competitive exhibition of livestock, agricultural products, etc., held in a rural area.
ME: from OFr. feire, from late L. feria, singular of L. feriae 'holy days' (on which fairs were often held).
verb [usu. as adjective faired] streamline (a vehicle, boat, or aircraft) by adding fairings.
OE in the senses 'beautify' and 'appear or become clean'.

English new terms dictionary. 2014.


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